If you are unable to get your website approved for google AdSense or applying for google AdSense, then this article is for you. I am going to share with you step by step strategy to get AdSense approval easily.


There are two important part we need to cover before applying for google AdSense.


  1. Technical things to do before applying
  2. Google AdSense SOPs Guidelines


I will provide you 11 steps to do important task on your site before applying for AdSense


  1. Create important pages

You need to create following pages on your website.



      Privacy Policy






They may have some content. If you are unfamiliar with these pages then you can use online text generator tools like Privacy policy generator to put some content.


2. Submit your site to Google Search Console

The simple and easiest method to submit you site to google search console is to go to search console and you will see the interface like this image. simple put your website homepage url into URL prefix tab and click continue. All done.


3. Add Your Website To Google Analytics.


Simply go to Google Analytics and submit your website to google analytics. If you are unfamiliar then you can see any YouTube video on how to submit your site to google AdSense.


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Why its important to submit you site to Google Search Console and Google Analytics, Because google and its team can see and analyze you site quickly and approval process can be speedy.


4. Create Navigational Main Menus


You should create main menus at you homepage for better navigations.

 Google requires every site to have best navigations so that user can easily go through different pages. Correct navigations helps search engines index your site quickly. Most importantly, if you don't create navigational menus, your site will like in development mode to search engines and this is a bad signal for ranking.


5. Use custom domain name

 If you are using a google blogspot or other free service chances are very less to be approved for google adsense. Always use custom domain and the main URL. Using subdomain will not approved for google adsense because it never looks professional.


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5.1. Use AdSense compatible Theme and code.


Always make sure your site is compatible with Google AdSense


6. Publish Articles


Please publish at least 15-20 Unique Articles before applying for Google AdSense. There are different scenarios where some people got approval using only 3-5 articles published on website and some are got approval on publishing 20-30 articles. But in my opinion try to publish as many content as you can.


7. Don't use copyrighted images, icons etc.


Google is very strict about pirated things. Try to use royalty free images. If any time google finds copyright media it will penalize your site.


8. Plagiarism free Content


Always put unique and plagiarism free content on your site. Use of correct grammar is essential. Spinning and paraphrased content is not accepted for Google AdSense. Some people who were lucky enough to get approval told that they used unique and high quality content mixed with paraphrased content. So, if you wanna use spinning content then use mix of both unique and paraphrased content.


9. Follow these recommendations of Google Team


Google's employees issued official statements about how to get your site approved for google adsense you can view their video as well. I have share excerpt of their official Mr. Andreas about google AdSense approval. Mr. Andreas has given three recommendations to increase the chances of your site approval.


i. Put Correct ad code in a correct location on your site as directed by Google AdSense


ii. Your site must be online and reachable


iii. Your site must be compliant with Google program and policies


10. Wait sometime


If you bought a new domain and applying for first time then wait 30-45 days before applying for google AdSense. Gaining some backlinks and traffic is useful to help your site approved for google AdSense. In all other cases, if your site gains 10000 pageviews per month you can apply for google adsense immediately.


11. After applying for Google AdSense

After you apply for google AdSense, keep putting more content on your site at least one article within 4-6 days and try to get more traffic especially from social media. Keep checking your site everyday if it is up and running so that it should be reachable to google AdSense team.

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Best of Luck